Hiking for history on Teton Pass



Truthfully I was expecting a little more history than a rusted-out oil drum.

Until a month ago I had never heard of the History Trail on Teton Pass. Still, having now heard of it, I wanted it to live up to its name.

The History Trail is mostly through the forest and mellow, usually not the type of hike/run I gravitate to. But two weeks out from surgery, mellow is my new name. Last Friday was supposed to be the first day I could walk a mile. I didn’t tell my amazingly talented and concerned reconstructive surgeon that I had walked a mile the Friday before.

I thought walking up the History Trail for a little bit last Thursday was a nice compromise between what I wanted to do and what my doctor wanted me to do. (I know, I’m a horrible patient. I did walk slowly enough that I didn’t break a sweat even though it was 80-some degrees.)

The History Trail appealed to me not only because I had heard it was mellow, but also because it is restricted to hikers and horses. Post-surgery, I didn’t want to have to dive out of the way of any mountain bikers.

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