JHHSM: Homesteading, Ranching and Exploration

225 N. Cache Street

This location of our museum features main exhibit spaces as well as a local history bookstore and museum shop. The permanent exhibits include Homesteading in Jackson, Cattle Ranching, Dude Ranching, and Western Entertainment.

JHHSM: American Indians of Greater Yellowstone

105 N. Glenwood Street

The original building of the Jackson Hole Society and Museum, this location features three rooms that address the American Indian of the Greater Yellowstone area. Specifically, fur traders and the Shoshone and Sheep Eater native tribes including the installation The Art of The Hunt. The Glenwood Museum is only open during the summer.


225 N Cache St
Jackson, WY 83001

105 N. Glenwood Street
(at the corner of West Deloney Avenue)
Jackson, WY 83001
(closed in the winter)