JHHSM: Homesteading, Ranching and Exploration

225 Cache Street

This location of our museum features 6 main exhibit spaces as well as a local history bookstore and museum shop. The 5 permanent exhibits include The Art of the Hunt, Homesteading in Jackson, Cattle Ranching, Dude Ranching, and Western Entertainment. Our rotating exhibit currently is Exploration in the Tetons.

JHHSM: American Indians of Greater Yellowstone

105 Glenwood

The original building of the Jackson Hole Society and Museum, this location features 3 rooms that address the American Indian of the Greater Yellowstone area. Specifically, fur traders and the Shoshone and Sheep Eater native tribes.

JHHSM: Mercill Education and Events Center

105 Mercill Street

The Mercill location serves as a touchstone for the majority of our programming related to education and events. The Mercill Education and Event Center features three rooms; the ‘Community Room’, the ‘Trading Post’, and the ‘Living off the Land Room’.  Together, the three rooms and multiple activity stations at the Mercill provide a collaborative space for learning.


225 N Cache St
Jackson, WY 83001
(307) 733-2414TripAdvisor

105 N Glenwood St, at the corner of Deloney
Jackson, WY 83001
(closed in the Winter)