History on the Block

We’re getting close!

Exciting progress to date

History Museum campus on The Block awarded national NEH Grant.

  • On April 13, 2022, the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) awarded the Jackson Hole Historical Society & Museum’s project to build a new History Museum Campus with a grant of $750,000. The award was one of only 23 grants in the Infrastructure and Capacity Building Challenge Grant category given across the country. The JHHSM was also the only Wyoming applicant to receive funds in this grant cycle. 
  • As a challenge grant, the NEH award requires the JHHSM to meet a 4:1 ratio or $3 million match of the award in non-federal funds. The grant also represents a significant milestone for the organization towards its goal to begin building a new Museum Campus for the community at the corner of East Broadway and Willow. 
  • The support for the project is now local, regional, and national. We are grateful for the tremendous philanthropic and grant support received already and will look to our community to meet this grant challenge and begin construction.

Museum Campus Planned, Ready to Construct!

  • JHHSM went through an exhaustive RFP process to bring on a design team in 2020. HGA, a national interdisciplinary design firm, heads up the design team in partnership with local architecture firm Prospect Studio and exhibit designer Gallagher & Associates. Read more about their backgrounds.
  • JHHSM and the design team began collecting community input through a series of surveys, workshops, and public presentations through 2021.
  • Our new campus will provide engaging exhibit, educational, and community gathering spaces with two exhibition galleries, archive center, education classroom, historic cabins, outdoor programming space, and Museum store.
  • This primary, year-round campus will exhibit Jackson Hole’s history from indigenous peoples, to the era of exploration, to permanent settlement, tourism, and recreation. Exhibit development is being co-curated with community partners, including the Eastern Shoshone and Shoshone-Bannock Tribes.

We purchased the southeast lot on The Block, our future Museum campus.

  • In 2019 during the Jackson Hole Land Trust’s “Save the Block” campaign, Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum (JHHSM) identified The Block as the ideal permanent home for the JHHSM.
  • Voters in the November 2019 Specific Purpose Excise Tax (SPET) ballot enthusiastically agreed, approving a SPET tax to support the project with a majority of the vote.
  • Our location on the southeast corner of The Block and collaboration with the Jackson Hole Land Trust, Teton County Historic Preservation Board, Cafe Genevieve, Persephone, and Healthy Being Juicery, will anchor the character of our beloved downtown with authentic stories and objects that define our local identity — past, present, and future.

The project is a long-term investment that will benefit the Jackson Hole community well into the future.

  • The museum campus will be a community asset built to last for generations to come.
  • Our strong, contemporary leadership will guide the project with a long-term vision.
  • We have a demonstrated track record for working collaboratively with the community.

A public-private partnership makes this vision a reality.

If you are interested in learning more,
please contact Morgan Albertson Jaouen at 307-733-2414.