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History Day gets a bit wild

  Georgia Eidemiller and Cyrena Keefe brought history to life last week when they performed their rendition of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show. “Step up folks and you’ll have a hog killin’ time,” Georgia said in her rendition of a cowboy accent, “from Indians who perform tribal dances and rituals to a wild buffalo chasin’ […]

The Teton Archaeological Project

Surveying the High Country – By Matt Stirn & Rebecca Sgouros. Read the entire article from Frison Institute Bulletin by clicking on the image.

Rustle up some heritage

If you’ve ever wondered how a saddle is made or how to throw an atlatl spear, or if you’d just like to enjoy a day celebrating Wyoming’s rich history, mark your calendars.

The second annual Slim Lawrence Western Heritage and Archaic Arts Festival is set for 4 to 7:30 p.m. Sunday in the grassy arena at Teton County Fairgrounds.

Ferrin’s descendants plan August reunion

Josiah David “Si” Ferrin first came to the valley in 1898. He fell in love with the Buffalo Valley river bench area and vowed to return and homestead a cattle ranch there.
At that time Si lived in Utah’s Ogden Valley. It took two years for him to make his move to Jackson’s Hole. He talked 15 other families into making the trek with him.

Jackson’s history: It’s a scream

Back before law was laid upon the valley, Jackson was a holdout for plenty of outlaws. They gambled, drank and oftentimes enjoyed the company of women. Sometimes that last pleasure landed men at the wrong end of a six-shooter.

Hiking for history on Teton Pass

Truthfully I was expecting a little more history than a rusted-out oil drum. Until a month ago I had never heard of the History Trail on Teton Pass. Still, having now heard of it, I wanted it to live up to its name.

Art and history fuse in collaborative project

  POSTED: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17, 2015 By Frances Moody, Jackson Hole News & Guide History encourages people to stop repeating past mistakes. It has also inspired timeless stories of war and peace. In Jackson history has made its mark on nine artists who have created work for a collaboration between the Art Association of Jackson Hole […]

Bison Move

Passers-by and neighbors lend a hand to move a stuffed bison into the Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum’s original space on Deloney Avenue. Clockwise from the bottom are taxidermist Mark Whitlock of Wildlife Creations, Dorian Darwiche, Teo Garcia and Christopher Stangel, all from Hotel Jackson, and Ken Struble of Ace Hardware. The old branch […]