Wind River Indian Reservation

Tim McCoy – Photo Gallery

Tim McCoy (1891-1978) lived a good, long life and he is remembered in various ways. Some folks think of him as the hero of nearly a hundred Hollywood Western films, silent and talkie adventures made during the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. Others remember him as a Wyoming cowboy, perhaps as the state’s adjutant general.

Wind River Treaty Documents

TREATIES AND AGREEMENTS BETWEEN THE EASTERN SHOSHONES AND THE UNITED STATES Introduction The Eastern Shoshones, who live on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming, have a long history of treaties and agreements with the United States government. In this section, you will learn about the history of treaties and agreements between Indian people and […]

From Trout Creek to “Gravy High” – Student Memories

Lucy Bonatsie Describes life in boarding school, chores, classes, Indian police, language, farming at the school, run-aways and life in a walled tent. View/Download transcript in PDF format (26 pp; 40K) Tommy Brown Describes school at St. Stephen’s school, language, discipline; trader, farming. (A very difficult tape to transcribe). View/Download transcript in PDF format (8 pp; 16K) […]

From Trout Creek to Gravy High: Boarding School Experience at Wind River — Photo Exhibit

1. Uniformed girls at Shoshone Episcopal Girls School, ca. 1885-1895 (Beatrice Crofts Collection) The pastoral quality of this photo, with little girls in white pinifores gathered together as though for protection, illustrates the idea of the mission as a place of safety and refuge. As opposed to the Government and larger, off-reservation boarding schools, both […]