Native American History

Wind River Photo Gallery: Digital Resource Center

The following images are from the American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming and are made available here as part of the “Shoshone Homelands Initiative” with funding provided by the National Park Service Tribal Heritage Foundation, the Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum, and the Kemmer Family Foundation. Note: Please credit the American Heritage […]

Through the Eyes of Tsutukwanah — Photo Exhibit

1. Washakie and Shoshones in early camp scene, William H. Jackson, 1871 (Wind River Archives, Central Wyoming College) Taken by professional photographer W. H. Jackson, who traveled through Wyoming with the Hayden Geological Survey in 1871, this photograph highlights an aspect of daily life that has since changed significantly, though perhaps not as rapidly as […]

Hultkrantz Photographic Collection by Dr. Ake Hultkrantz

By Dr. Ake Hultkrantz, Professor Emeritus of Comparative Religion University of Stockholm, Sweden The photographs in this collection are used with the permission of Dr.Ake Hultkrantz, retired professor of religion at the University of Stockholm, Sweden. Taken by Prof. Hultkrantz during the years he conducted field work on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming, between […]

The Imagery of Sacagawea by Brian W. Dippie

It is astonishing how much has been written about Sacagawea given the paucity of hard information on her. There are few documentary sources apart from the Lewis and Clark journals, and even the derivation and spelling of her name is at issue. Should it be Sacajawea, supposedly a Shoshone word meaning “Boat -Launcher.” or should […]

Tim McCoy – Photo Gallery

Tim McCoy (1891-1978) lived a good, long life and he is remembered in various ways. Some folks think of him as the hero of nearly a hundred Hollywood Western films, silent and talkie adventures made during the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. Others remember him as a Wyoming cowboy, perhaps as the state’s adjutant general.