The Battle for Yellowstone: Morality and The Sacred Roots of Environmental Conflict

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“What Does Morality and Religion Have to Do with GYE Politics?”

Presented by Dr. Justin Farrell, Yale University.

This is the latest program in our “History of Conservation” series at the Jackson Hole Historical Society & Museum. Dr. Justin Farrell is a Yale professor whose social research examines how communities and the environment are changing in the American West. He is an expert on the cultural and political factors that create community and environmental conflict. As a native Wyomingite, much of his research takes place in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. His research methods have been praised for their cutting-edge blend of in-depth interviewing and observation, with state-of-the-art data analytics and machine learning. His new book is entitled The Battle for Yellowstone: Morality and The Sacred Roots of Environmental Conflict. 

The Economist magazine reviewed it and stated “The most original political book of early 2015 is not formally about politics at all. Instead…Justin Farrell, a young scholar at Yale University, ponders venomous rows that have shaken Yellowstone National Park in recent decades, and why they are so intractable. The rows turn on such questions as wolf re-introduction, bison roaming-rights, and snowmobile access to that lovely corner of the Rocky Mountains.”

Dr. Farrell’s presentation will be held at the Jackson Hole History Museum, 225 N. Cache Street, on Thursday evening, February 18, at 7:00 p.m., and will be followed by a book signing. The program is free to the public. Call 307-733-2414 for more details.