“Snapshots in Time”

Snapshots in Time

Beaver SlideThe Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum wishes to thank the community for its strong support at the first “Snapshots in Time” program Thursday night, April 18th, 2013. Almost 100 attendees enjoyed local historian Bill Chaney telling stories about the Kelly Flood, and audience members shared their memories as well. Bill discussed what happened on that day in 1927 when the lake created by the Gros Ventre Slide overflowed, eroding the natural dam and causing the Kelly flood. Six people drowned, and the effects were felt throughout the valley. Of particular interest are his stories of several people’s premonitions before the event.

Martha Gunther on Gros Ventre Road

Chaney’s program took place in the newly configured museum gallery which features vignettes of homesteading, agriculture, dude ranching, “Art of the Hunt”, and the Kelly Flood.  An accompanying exhibit included a safe and its contents lost in the flood and rescued seventy two years later from the Gros Ventre River.

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Snapshots in Time” will be an annual event focusing on prominent historic moments in Jackson Hole’s history to involve the community in the museum’s mission of preserving and sharing the heritage of Jackson Hole. The community is invited to bring their historic photographs or objects to share or donate which will be scanned or photographed for the archives and research center.

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Thank Marian and Glenn Taylor of the Taylor Ranch on Slide Lake for bringing photographs and posters to be added to our digital collections. These posters and photos are shown at the Kelly School every May 18th at a potluck commemorating the anniversary of the Kelly Flood. Several are shown here and more can be seen at the Stan Klassen Research Center located at 225 N. Cache.



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