Speaker Series

Living in the West Speaker Series


2nd Wednesday of every month | 6pm |JHHSM, 225 Cache St

Join us for our recently launched Living in the West speaker series. Inspired by Voices of the Valley, this series will feature speakers from across the Rocky Mountains to share regional research and stories about the “Last of the Old West” and our ever changing pioneer communities, like Jackson Hole.

Daniel Sharfstein, May 31, 2018

 “Thunder in the Mountains: Cheif Joseph, Oliver Otis Howard, and Nez Perce War”

Dr. Spencer Peyton, June 14, 2018

The Powars 2 Site: A Paleoindian Ochre Mine”

Dr. Ken Cannon, July 11, 2018

 “10,000 Years of Bison in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem”

Perhaps one of the most iconic animals of the region, Bison have played an integral role in human surival throughout the area for thousands of years. They offered plentiful food, thick fur for clothing, hides for tipis, and horns for spoons.

Despite their importance, we know very little about the history of Bison ecology in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Were they always plains animals, or did they frequent the high country? How far was their seasonal range? Where are they native, and where are they invasive? The answers to these questions are not only imporant for history, but play a large role in determining how modern day bison herds are managed throughout the West.

Ground breaking research by Dr. Ken Cannon of Utah State University has shown that our modern perceptions of Bison are incomplete, and the species had a far greater range, and spent much more time in the mountains than previously thought.

Can you imagine a heard of Bison stampeding across the high Tetons?

Dr. Craig Lee, August 8, 2018

 “Archaeology on Ice: 10,000 Years of Archaeology in the Greater Yellowstone”

Matt Stirn and Rebecca Sgouros, September 19, 2018

 “2018 Updates from the Field”


Beers & Banter

SUMMER 2019: The History of Summer Recreation in JH

Last Thursday of every month | 7pm |JHHSM, 225 Cache St

Join us for our recently launched Beers & Banter speaker series. We gather together to share a brew and explore various topics of local history! Beer provided by local brewery, Roadhouse. Come drink, learn, enjoy!

History of Jenny Lake Climbing Rangers, June 28, 2018

w/ special guests Bob Irvine, Renny Jackson, Scott Guenther, and Jim Springer. Facilitated by Dr. Yolonda Youngs. 

TBA, July 26, 2018

 “Keep a lookout for new updates!”

TBA, August 30, 2018

 “Keep a lookout for new updates!”

TBA, September 27, 2018

 “Keep a lookout for new updates!”

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