Making History Share Your Story in a Time of Corona

“Making History” Share Your Story in a Time of Corona

Making History Share Your Story in a Time of Corona Covid-19

The COVID-19 global pandemic has impacted every single person’s life in a variety of different ways, whether small or large.

The virus has now made its way to Jackson Hole. Some people have been laid off and can’t work, some are working from home, there are healthcare workers putting themselves at risk and working extra-long hours. Kids are doing school online, some people are getting very, very sick, and everyone is experiencing a level of physical distancing.

Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum is here to document and permanently archive all of these unique stories and history-making moments in our community. Our goal, and mission, is to connect people now and inform generations in the future.

We want to create a snapshot in time of Jackson Hole and our resilient community. We are collecting written stories, journal entries, letters, pictures, photos, and videos; anything that will tell a story about what has changed in your lives and your family’s lives due to COVID-19, the good and the bad.

We understand this could be a long road for our community and will keep this archive open for submissions well into the future. Please share a story now if the time is right for you, or revisit later to add your experiences. We know these are difficult times, and the JHHSM simply wants to support our community in any way we can. We have no expectations except for this to be a resource, if it’s useful to you, now and in the future.

Community Invited to Contribute

Everyone has a story to tell. Your story can be submitted under your name or anonymously. We want to hear from people from all walks of life:

  • healthcare workers (once they have time to rest)
  • grocery store workers
  • moms, dads, and grandparents
  • seasonal workers
  • students
  • COVID-19 patients (once they are all fully healed)
  • business owners
  • seniors
  • visitors
  • and everyone else

Ideally, contributions will be handwritten, but we will gladly accept any format. Possible formats include:

  • handwritten letter or journal
  • digital narrative submission
  • drawings
  • highest resolution available photographs, video, audio

How to Share

Think about what daily life events have changed, and how you’ve managed to deal with them or if it’s still unknown, what’s on your mind? Tell us what the COVID-19 outbreak looks like for you.

You are welcome to snail mail your submission to the JHHSM or submit your responses through our online form below. If the online submission form is not visible, you may need to switch to the Chrome browser to submit your story online.

Submissions will be permanently kept in the JHHSM archive (digital and physical) and will be used for research and educational purposes. A release form will be required with each submission. There are similar Wyoming state projects. We are coordinating with them to make sure there will be one easily accessible resource in the future. Meanwhile, we hope to share these stories with our community and build camaraderie around our collective experience.

Contact [email protected] or with questions.

This project is made possible by your stories and contributions! Plus, the generous backing of the JHHSM Board of Directors who have quickly responded to the current situation and reallocated in-person program funds to new, virtual initiatives.