Landscapes of Loss- A Project by Photographer Lisa Erdberg and the Jackson Hole Historical Society

Layout 1Photographer Lisa Erdberg has spent over 9 summers in Jackson Hole exploring and photographing the old homesteads and historical dude and cattle ranches inside and around Grand Teton National Park. Her images of the region’s late 19th and early 20th C. barns, corrals, utility sheds and other outbuildings speak to a shared past that evoke a wide range of memories and emotions. In the fall of 2014 the Jackson Hole Historical Society collaborated with Grand Teton National Park Foundation, the National Museum of Wildlife Art, and Teton County Historic Preservation Board to mount Lisa’s “Landscapes of Loss”.

The exhibit features 38 of her works that capture the many moods of Jackson Hole: prints of each image are for sale: $250 for a 12 X 18 print; $150 for 11 x 14. A portion of all sales proceeds go to JHHSM to continue our partnership with Lisa and to raise awareness of the need to help preserve Jackson’s cultural landscape and the history of its relationship to the land. If interested, please contact our store manager: Steve Roberts (733-2414 or email: [email protected]) for more information.

View the Exhibit Below:

The photographs have been separated by location. Click the main photograph below the headers to see all the photographs and read the history of that location!


Elk Ranch

4 Lazy F Ranch

4 Lazy F Ranch: Barn

Hunter- Hereford Ranch

Hunter-Hereford Ranch: Barn/Out Buildings

Lucas Fabian Ranch

Lucas Fabian Homestead: Geraldine's Cabin

Luther Taylor Homestead

Luther Taylor Homestead: Taylor Cabin

Bar BC Ranch

Bar BC: Guest Cabins

Andy Chambers Homestead

Andy Chambers Homestead: Ranch View

Moulton Barn

Moulton Barn

Maud Noble Cabin

Maud Noble Cabin: Front Door

This exhibit was made possible by the help and support of:

Dick & Maggie Scarlett, Jake & Ourdia Hodge, Bucky & Wendi Oliver


Text by Samantha Ford, Director of Research

Catalogue design by Rebecca Sgouros, Director of Youth Education and Community Outreach