An anonymous donor has offered to match any of the new donations for the Mercill Archaeology Center that come in this week up to $3,600!  Help us take advantage of this generous offer and double your donation – Thank you! Go to 

Awesome perks available when you help the Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum create a new cultural history and archaeology education center in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We’ve already received $4,600 toward the $10,000 goal, and the deadline is June 9th. The top three donors (over $5,000) will each have one of three rooms at the Mercill Archaeology Center named after them. Plenty of other perks to be had including a wilderness pack trip, archaeology and museum tours, exclusive cocktail party, membership, and our never ending gratitude! Visit the museum’s Indiegogo site to read more about our plans, see photographs and learn about the fantastic perks you will receive when you donate!