2012 Chronicles

Winter 2011-12


  • Basketball Memories Bounce Back
  • Museum Collaborates with Eastern Shoshone and Shoshone-Bannock
  • The History of Conservation in Jackson Hole – Part III






Spring 2012


  • Students Get Creative With History: A Flash of Inspiration Exhibit and Stories
  • Voices of the Valley: From the Top of the Grand to the Ghetto in Wilson
  • Collections Corner
  • Smithsonian Exhibition Explores the Diverse Food Traditions of America






Summer 2012


  • Lower Bar BC Ranch History – Hosts Slim Lawrence BBQ
  • Museum Trophy Mounts Still Hold Records: Hoback Buck on Tour
  • Second Showing of Stagecoach Bar Documentary
  • National Elk Refuge Celebrating a Century 1912-2012






Fall 2012


  • Smithsonian Exhibit Key Ingredients Visits Jackson: History of Food and Eating in the Valley
  • Stan Klassen Research Center: More Than Just a Library
  • More to the Story…Addendum to the National Elk Refuge Story






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