Stories of the outlaws told at museum

One of the things I love about Wyoming is the folklore linked to its topography. If you listen to the rocks in its deserts and the trees in its mountains you will hear their tales, kept like well-guarded secrets.

Yarns abound of John Colter and Jim Bridger in the greater Yellowstone area, Jedediah Smith on South Pass and Chief Washakie in the Wind River country as well as countless remembrances of those who trekked the Oregon, California and Mormon pioneer trails.

There were also those who rode a path of less historic renown but one of fame nevertheless, the Outlaw Trail. Some of its more famous characters like Butch Cassidy have become part of our local lore and are inextricably linked with our sense of place and how we see our state, which is, undeniably, a landscape of the imagination.

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