Moose, Wyoming

Moose, Wyoming is centrally located in Jackson Hole, and was first homesteaded in 1892 when William “Bill” Menor filed for 160 acres on the banks of the Snake River. Until 1911, Bill Menor would have the only holding on the west bank of the Snake River. Because of this, the area was generally known as Menor’s Ferry. The location was advantageous for Menor as one of the only places along the Snake suitable for a ferry crossing. It was the only option for crossing the dangerous Snake River between Jackson and Moran.

In April of 1923, the United States Postal Service approved a post office to be opened in nearby William Grant’s store. Grant lived up Moose-Wilson Road, to the south of the ferry crossing. He named the post office “Moose” and with the closing of the ferry in 1929, the area became known by the post office. In 1925 a school and church were built on land donated by Maud Noble, creating the Moose School and Chapel of Transfiguration. Today the Chapel, Menor homestead, ferry, and Maud Noble cabin remain. Moose is the current location of Grand Teton National Park’s headquarters, the Moose post office, and Dornan’s.

Text by Samantha Ford, Director of Historical Research and Outreach