Jenny Lake

Square G Ranch

The Square G Ranch was homesteaded and owned by Albert and Lida Gabbey. The couple first moved to Jackson Hole in 1925 after hearing about the scenic valley from friends. They rented a cabin in Kelly the first winter and made the acquaintance of Homer Richards. Richards had a homestead near Jenny Lake and was […]

Kimmel Kabins

In 1937 when Geraldine Lucas died, she had spent the better part of the last decade rebuffing several offers to purchase her homestead. Located at the base of the Tetons, directly below the Grand Teton, it was in a valuable and scenic location. For years Harold Fabian of the Snake River Land Company had made […]

Jenny Lake Lodge

On September 19, 1930 Tony Grace sold his Danny Ranch to the Snake River Land Company. Grand Teton National Park had recently been created in 1929, and the Land Company had been in talks with the National Park Service over the future of the Danny Ranch. Early National Park Service policy held little value in […]

Danny Ranch

On June 3, 1922 Tony Grace filed on a homestead on the east shores of String Lake, just north of Jenny Lake. His intentions were to create a small, secluded guest ranch after having worked at two of the largest and most successful guest operations in the valley. During his employment at Ben Sheffield’s Teton […]


Harry and Elizabeth Sensenbach moved their young family from Pennsylvania to Jackson Hole in 1914. They settled and applied for land on the eastern boundary of Jimmy Manges’ homestead. They attempted to raise barley and oats, but the poor soil on the western side of the Snake River proved difficult to cultivate. Once they received […]

Beaver Creek Administration Area

For the last century, the Beaver Creek Administration area has been housing the administrative officials tasked with managing the federally protected lands in Jackson Hole. When the Teton National Forest was created in 1908, two small log buildings were constructed to house the forest rangers and their office space. The Stewart Ranger Station remained unchanged […]

Jenny Lake Campground

The campground at Jenny Lake dates to the early 1930s when the Civilian Conservation Corps arrived in the valley to complete several projects, but Jenny Lake has been used for campsites for thousands of years. The Native Americans were the first to arrive in the area and recognize the Lake’s valuable resources and beautiful scenery. […]

Jenny Lake

The Jenny Lake area has been continuously used for thousands of years. Early Native Americans chose this ideal spot for their campsites, centrally located in the valley and with a plentiful water supply. It is no accident that the early European-American visitors who settled in the area also saw the same valuable resources in this […]