Hunter Hereford Cemetery

In 1951, William “Bill” Hunter died of a heart attack while working in the field on his cattle ranch near Shadow Mountain. He was less than a year into retirement with his wife Eileen and had been ordered by his doctor to take it easy. For those that knew him, working in the hay fields […]

Granite Ridge Cemetery

The Granite Ridge Cemetery is located in Teton Village, an area once known simply as “Teton.” Little has been written about this area of the valley, it was one of the last locations to be homesteaded due to poor soils. Stories circulate about tough, rocky dry soil interspersed with swampy marshes that bred mosquitoes en-masse. […]

Kelly Cemetery

The Kelly Cemetery is located northeast of the town of Kelly. Located on a forgotten 40-acre tract of land that ended up in between two other 160-acre homesteads, the neighbors agreed it should be set aside for use as a cemetery. It was used sporadically from until May of 1927 when a massive flood flattened […]

Allen Cemetery

The Allen Cemetery is located near the old town site of Moran, on the old Allen homestead. The Allens were some of the original homesteaders in the northern portion of the valley, with only a few neighbors before 1900. In 1902 Maria Allen named and operated the Moran Post Office on their ranch. The area […]

Elliott Cemetery

Located about a half-mile up Teton Pass, the Elliott Cemetery is located on the old John Elliott homestead. John lost two young sons to the 1902 diphtheria outbreak, and buried them on a bench behind the homestead. The current Elliott Cemetery is near the location of these two graves. John worked as a day laborer, […]

Aspen Hill Cemetery

Located in Jackson at the base of Snow King, between two ski trails, lies the Aspen Hill Cemetery. On July 8, 1920 Mayor Grace Miller and her all-female town council voted and signed the paperwork dedicating this site as an official cemetery. At this time, around 25 marked graves were already on the public land, […]

South Park Cemetery

Located on a bench off of South Park Loop Road, the South Park Cemetery has dramatic uninterrupted views of the Teton Range. This location was chosen specifically because of these views in 1891 when Sylvester Wilson lost two of his children to a diphtheria outbreak. Sylvester Wilson lead the first families into Jackson Hole, and […]