Collection Highlights

No. 3 World Record Mule Deer Trophy head goes on tour. The Museum collection holds several beautiful record head mounts including the No. 3 elk and No. 1 Moose records. Both can be seen on display in the current exhibition “Playing Hard: Labor and Leisure in Jackson Hole.” The third mount is the No. 3 […]

History Highlight

The Teton County Historic Preservation Board recently published a report on the historic Snow King Ski Area. Much of the research for it came from the Museum’s archives. Read more about Snow King at the link below, including a link to the report, documents and photos from the Museum archives and a link to an article […]

Collection Highlights

The Museum collection includes at least 7 phonographs that play either wax cylinders or records. Click the image for more information about this wax cylinder phonograph. Thomas Edison was not only a famous inventor but also a savvy businessman. While trying to create an “answering machine” to record phone messages, he invented the tinfoil phonograph, the […]