Allen Cemetery

The Allen Cemetery is located near the old town site of Moran, on the old Allen homestead. The Allens were some of the original homesteaders in the northern portion of the valley, with only a few neighbors before 1900. In 1902 Maria Allen named and operated the Moran Post Office on their ranch. The area then became known as Moran, and a modest town sprang up nearby, with Ben Sheffield’s Teton Lodge being a major draw for tourists. In 1904 Charles and Maria’s son Andrew was thrown from his horse and died from his injuries. The family picked a hill on their homestead with sweeping views of Jackson Lake and the Teton Range to bury Andrew. Less than a decade later in 1913, the Allen family experienced another tragedy when their son Neal fell from his horse and drowned in the Snake River. Neal was buried next to Andrew, and their two graves stand over 32 others in what became known as the Allen Cemetery. Today, nearly all of the burials are related to Charles and Maria. Close friends and neighbors were also allowed plots. One such neighbor was Emile Wolff, who was indirectly involved in one of the valley’s most famous outlaw murder stories.