In Memory of Walt Farmer

Walt Farmer, a loyal friend of the Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum, died on January 29, 2014. We knew Walt as a lover of history, dedicated volunteer, and patriotic veteran, and we will miss him. The mission of the JHHSM is to preserve and share the heritage of Jackson Hole, and Walt dedicated a lot of his time to making this possible.

Walt loved movies, and his passion benefited the JHHSM. He compiled a CDrom “A History of Film and Video in the 20th Century” and he created a digital book “The Making of Shane in Jackson’s Hole.” He volunteered his expertise by giving movie tours to filming locations.

In 2002, Walt made a DVD “And . . . Action! Hollywood in the Hole” with 70 minutes of clips from various films made in Jackson Hole for an exhibit at the museum. He provided to the museum collection clips of the Shootout from 1992-2003 of which he was a part, and he wrote a book in 1994 “Shootout on the Town Square – the Story of the Jackson Hole Shootout.” He graciously filmed the Museum’s 50th Anniversary Jubilee in July 2008 showing festivities outside the Museum at the corner of Glenwood and Deloney, a welcome documentation of this historic event. He also volunteered to film a number of our public programs, and spent many hours updating photograph records and descriptions to make sure they were accurate.

Walt documenting the Museum's 50th Anniversary Jubilee, July 2008

Walt documenting the Museum’s 50th Anniversary Jubilee, July 2008


Walt filming 50th Anniversary Jubilee program, July 12, 2008

Walt filming 50th Anniversary Jubilee program, July 12, 2008


Walt also documented and donated DVDs of the dedication of the Memorial Monument at the American Legion Post 43 in Jackson and the 10th Anniversary Memorial in 2006 of the 1996 crash of the C-130 on Sheep Mountain including some news footage.

Thank you Walt for your dedication to the community, our heritage, and our nation.