The White Grass Heritage Project Collection contains a number of videos that give a sense of ranch life “in living color, past and present.”  Presented below is a representative sample of videos in the collection.  The White Grass Heritage Project continues to seek original film, VHS tapes and/or video shot at the ranch to include in the collection. Duplication and editing services may be available free to the donor. Get Involved.

The materials presented below cannot be reproduced in any format without permission. For information, please contact us.

Video Index:

White Grass Ranch Pre-1985
White Grass Ranch Photos 1946-1953
White Grass Ranch in Motion: Frank Galey 1968
White Grass Ranch Memories 1981
White Grass Ranch Mementos 1981
Frank Galey Stories and the Legendary White Grass Ranch

Western Center for Historic Preservation Post-1985
White Grass Ranch Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 2016
Al Williams: Cultural Resources and Ranch Rehabilitation
HOPECrew: Video Postcard from the White Grass Dude Ranch
White Grass Ranch Rehabilitation Funding Campaign Celebration 2012
Students Gain Skills During Park Visit

White Grass Heritage Project
Heritage Project Leadership Team, Reunion 2014
Heritage Project Wrap-Up, Reunion 2014
Jackson Hole Historical Society & Museum Announcement 2019

White Grass Ranch Pre-1985

Ann Cuddy was a dude and the first female wrangler at the ranch. Her photos highlight ranch chores, trail rides, pack trips, daily management of the horses, fly fishing, ranch living conditions and the annual rodeo between area dude ranches.

Converted 8mm film shot by Perry Benson, Jr. highlights the ranch’s original log structures, horses, trail rides, area wildlife, fly fishing the Snake River, snowmobiling, Frank’s family, ranch staff, Frank’s dogs and downtown Jackson Hole, WY.

An updated version of White Grass Ranch Memories created by Carlos E. Sanchis in 2014 presents photographs of his time on the ranch as a dude, e.g., his accommodations, trail rides, the historic barn, majestic area vistas and owner Frank Galey.

An updated version of Mementos created by Carlos E. Sanchis in 2014 presents information and rates given to White Grass Ranch dudes/guests. Click here to see the documents.

Owner Frank Galey was a colorful, humorous westerner loved by many generations of dudes and wranglers. At their Reunion in 2014, White Grass alumni told stories about Galey and their experiences being at the ranch from the late 1940’s forward.

Western Center for Historic Preservation Post-1985

The Western Center for Historic Preservation & National Park Service, in collaboration with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, spent 10 years rehabilitating 13 original ranch log structures creating a center to teach historic preservation skills.

Al Williams, GTNP employee and Historic Preservation Specialist talks about ranch history, rehabilitation, creation of the Western Center for Historic Preservation, value of cultural resources, reflections on his 32 year career, and directing the 10 year rehabilitation project at the ranch.

The HOPE Crew, made up of members from the Rocky Mountain Youth Corps of Colorado, help restore original cabins for use as a future training facility. Crew members talk about their experiences and what working at the ranch meant to them.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation raised funds to help the National Park Service rehabilitate the historic White Grass Ranch.The converted Powerpoint file with no audio depicts some of the work of the NTHP Funding Campaign.

Created by the Grand Teton National Park Foundation, the film describes the journey of six undergraduate students from Morgan State University (Baltimore) with interest in historic preservation who resided in the Park (June 2018) at the historic White Grass Ranch, a former dude ranch.  During week one, they worked to stabilize a nearby historic ranch; week two, they were trainees, along with 18 preservation professionals, enrolled in a Vanishing Treasure Workshop  – Guiding Principles of Field-Based Historic Preservation.

White Grass Heritage Project

The serendipitous meeting of Matt Heiss, oral historian, Bill Slaughter, photo archivist, and Roger Butterbaugh, caretaker at the historic White Grass Ranch resulted in the formation of a leadership team that began the White Grass Heritage Project and collected ranch history during a 2014 White Grass Alumni Reunion at the ranch.

This team of volunteers discuss their experiences collecting over 1,200 historical photos and 40 hours of oral history during the three day White Grass Reunion in 2014. Topics include the transformative experiences at the ranch past and present, Frank Galey’s influence and the remarkable strength of Cindy Galey Peck who grew up on the ranch.

The Jackson Hole Historical Society & Museum officially announces the creation of the White Grass Heritage Project with this video.

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