Try hiking in Jackson to learn valley history

556e258657b50.imagePOSTED: WEDNESDAY, JUNE 3, 2015

With the middle and high mountains still covered in snow, why not hike around downtown Jackson while learning about the town and valley’s history?

On Memorial Day weekend the Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum started its 27th season of free, hourlong walking tours focused on history. As amazing as these tours are the museum’s Steve Roberts said it’s infrequent that locals attend. “Last year we hosted 610 on the tours,” he emailed. “Locals are a very tiny percent of that. Most are visitors.”

Locals, step up! These tours are a great resource. And they’re free, although donations are encouraged. Also, these tours are fabulous to do with visiting family and friends who aren’t super active. You get to entertain and still be outside.


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