Sharon Mure 3.20.2014

Bio: Dude and Staff 1970’s-early 80’sDescriptor: The ranch changed my life, Frank and Nona’s influence, and now I’m a cowgirl.

Sharon’s Story: I am shaken by the recent loss of Beth Thomas Woodin (2018) and Rachel Trahern (2017).  It is hard to express the deep meaning I have for each of them.

Being at White Grass was a life changing moment for me…I was 35 at the time and a real city girl. I guess you could say I was going though a mid-life crisis when I discovered White Grass. It was on a whim when I pulled up to the main house and met Frank, he was so kind and took me under his wing. Well I stayed a week and ask to stay a second week he of coarse said yes. After that I returned the same fall, the following winter and again a summer. When that came to an end and had to go home I cried all the way home…as soon as I walked into the house I called Frank and asked if I could return the next summer to work and he said yes. On Monday morning I went into work and took a 3 months leave of absence, everyone there thought I had lost my mind. Come June 1982 I left for White Grass, when I got there Frank was not feeling well. He asked me to help with the guest because he knew I had experience in the hospitality business, meeting guests, dinning with them, and booking future guests…Sadly that was the end for the ranch…Frank died that summer and I helped close the ranch for good …This is one of my sadest memories…Life does go on and because he showed me a wonderful way of life I moved west and started riding more and playing cowgirl…I return to Jackson every year to relive some of the best days of my life. I was glad to see they are restoring the ranch. I hope where ever Frank and Nona are they are as happy as they have made so many…God bless you both -March 20, 2014.