Ranchers v. Bison-Huggers

BK battle for ynp“Ranchers v bison-huggers” is the title of an article describing what The Economist Magazine (2/16/2016) called “The most original political book of early 2105”. The Battle for Yellowstone by Justin Farrell from Yale University is the latest of the Jackson Hole Historical Society’s Voices of the Valley series on conservation in Jackson Hole and the Greater Yellowstone area.  In it, Farrell ponders “venomous rows that have shaken Yellowstone National park in recent decades, and why they are so intractable.” Farrell’s book focuses on wolf re-introduction, bison roaming rights and snowmobile access to what the reviewer rightly calls “that lovely corner of the Rocky Mountains”.

Dr. Farrells talk begins at 7:00 on Thursday, February 18 in the museum’s main gallery on 225 N. Cache and will be followed by a book signing. As part of the museum’s Voices of the Valley series, the program is free and available to all!