Nancy Bureson 7.8.2019

Bio: Decendent of Harold Hammond & family historian, volunteer at White Grass with her grandson in 2018. DescriptorChildhood experiences living at White Grass when owner Harold Hammond was serving in WW 1 and other Valley ranch stories.

Nancy’s Story: I’m submitting memories of Harold Rezin Hammonds nephews and nieces who lived at the White Grass during the early years of the ranch. My father, Harold Nord Hammond, was named after his Uncle Harold.

The complete stories from these years, are all on tapes on the Oral History section of the website.

WW1 Introduced the White Grass Ranch to My Dad!

My father, Harold Nord Hammond, was named after his Uncle, Harold Rezin Hammond, co-owner of the White Grass Ranch. In the fall of 1917, Harold Hammond asked his older brother, Arthur, if he would bring his family and move to the White Grass as caretakers during the time he was called to serve during World War I. His partner, Tucker Bispham only came out from Philadelphia in the summertime for about 3 weeks.

Arthur Hammond

That was how my Dad and his family came to live on the ranch for two years and stayed in the Valley for another 5 years before relocating to Anaconda, Montana in 1924.

The Armistice was signed, November 11th, 1918 and we stayed at the ranch until Uncle Harold was back from the service.  We then went on down to Jackson and the next fall we went out to the Curtis Ranch (about 4 miles from Jackson). Our Dad and Uncle Carl, formed a partnership and leased the Curtis Ranch. The Curtis Ranch is now owned by the Park Service.