JHHSM & Lodging Tax

In the General Election on November 6, 2018, all registered Teton County voters will be able to vote for or against renewing the 2% Lodging Tax in Teton County.

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What is the Lodging Tax?

  • The Lodging Tax is a 2% tax that is added to a visitor’s stay in any Teton County hotel, motel, or rental property.
  • It was voted in by residents of Teton County in November 2010 and reapproved in 2014.
  • The purpose of the Lodging Tax in Teton County is to mitigate the impact of tourism on our community, promote off-season visitation (Fall, Winter, Spring), and build a sustainable economy with necessary community services.
  • The Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Joint Powers Board allocates 60% of the collected funds ($4.4 mil in 2017-2018). These funds are predominately spent on the following:
    • Targeted marketing for only Fall, Winter, and Spring tourism (24% of the total LT Funds.
    • Community events, Visitor Services – Chamber of Commerce, Ski Races, Eco-Fair, Youth Sports, Womentum Conference, and many more (36% of total LT Funds)
    • For more information, visit www.4jacksonhole.org and www.jacksonwy.gov
  • Teton County and the Town of Jackson allocate the remaining 40% of collected funds ($2.9 mil in 2017-2018). According to Wyoming State Statute, 3/4 of these funds must be used to address visitor impact services and up to 1/4 can be used to support general government services. These funds are predominately spent on the following:
    • Public Safety – Fire/EMS, Police, Victim Services
    • START Bus
    • Parks & Pathways
    • Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum

*Prior to the Lodging Tax, many of these services and major events were funded by the Town and County general operating budgets.

Watch this video to learn more.

By Blake Ciullo.

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