Increase in Member Benefits

Members now receive a 15% discount on purchases at the Museum Store. New and current members receive a free book which may be picked up at the Museum Store, and may select one of these three choices:

  1.  Set of three (see below)
  2.  And That’s the Way It Was in Jackson’s Hole, 2nd Edition by Jack Huyler
  3.  Windows to the Past: Early Settlers in Jackson Hole by Bonnie Kreps

Set of three:

  • Jackson Hole, Crossroads of the Western Fur Trade 1807-1840 by Merrill J. Mattes
  • David E. Jackson: Field Captain of the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade by Vivian Linford Talbot
  • Landmarks of the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade: Two one-day self-guided tours from Jackson, Wyoming by Pierce Olson
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