Herb & Sally Ford 9.30.2021

Bio: Seasonal Caretakers at White Grass Since 2019
Description: No class at White Grass in 2021 but plenty of tasks accomplished.

Herb & Sally’s Story: Sally and I just completed our 3rd year as White Grass Ranch Caretakers and it was yet another memorable experience. We arrived with expectations that Covid would be under control and that life on the Ranch would be back to normal. Covid was beginning to be somewhat controlled thru vaccines but because of the Variant D and some folks refusing vaccines, life at the Ranch was a repeat of 2020. No classes except an outdoor Log class and no guest students. Lack of training didn’t stop us from being extremely busy. We had numerous projects that kept us busy including reworking the opening and closing procedures, resolving a moisture issue under the Kitchen in the Main (West End) and lifting the West side of the porch to resolve a water pooling issue. While we had the porch disassembled the decision was made to replace all Porch decking with new tongue and groove flooring. In addition to these projects we also fully linseed oiled the Main Cabin as well as Cabin 11. It is amazing the transformation that occurs after oiling has been completed. Lots of bears this season and lots of Elk. The Rocky Mountain Youth Corp came out this year and did an enormous amount of work on the property; clearing and bucking logs, trimming low hanging limbs from trees and working on Ranch paths was just of a few of the many tasks completed. Looking back over this list of accomplishments we really did get a lot done and we’re grateful to everyone who pitched in to help. Our closer volunteers this year (Fred/Janet/ and Sharon) were fantastic. We’re looking forward to working with them again. I would encourage and do encourage all people connected to the ranch in some for or fashion to share their story. We met several people this year who had stories from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and we hope to see their posts soon. We’re looking forward to coming back in 2022 and hope and pray that we get see the Ranch full of students and guests looking to share the wonder and beauty that is White Grass Ranch. Until next year; Take care and God Bless you all.

Front porch of the Main Cabin.