Herb & Sally Ford 9.14.2019

Bio: Volunteer seasonal caretakers at White Grass Ranch, 2019
Descriptor: Being summer caretakers at the White Grass Ranch, a great learning experience

Herb & Sally’s StorySally and I had the pleasure and honor of taking over as Caretakers of White Grass Ranch May, 2019 after Roger Butterbaugh had filled the position for the past eight years.  While we would never fill the vacant shoes, we hope we represented the Ranch well these past few months.

We’ve met wonderful people, we’ve seen animals too numerous to count and we’ve watched sunrises and sunsets in an effort to soak in as much of the atmosphere that makes White Grass Ranch so special.  Sitting on porch of the Hammond cabin and looking out over the meadow with the mountains behind we could start to understand what makes this place so special and what makes people want to come back again and again.

We walked the property and tried to place ourselves in the boots of the Wranglers and Dudes of years past and see what they may have seen and experience what they may have experienced.  However, that is not possible.  We can read about the history, we can look at the numerous photos that are available, and we can talk to former Wranglers and Dudes to hear their stories, but we’ve learned that the best way to appreciate White Grass Ranch is to immerse yourself in everything that is White Grass Ranch.   Soak in the air, the meadow, the cabins, the forest and the mountains and everything that is White Grass and hope that one day soon, God will bless you with the opportunity to return.

I hope everyone gets to experience White Grass Ranch and it’s rich history and that one day you see thru your own eyes what makes this place, this paradise, so special.