Ferrin’s descendants plan August reunion


Josiah David “Si” Ferrin first came to the valley in 1898. He fell in love with the Buffalo Valley river bench area and vowed to return and homestead a cattle ranch there.

At that time Si lived in Utah’s Ogden Valley. It took two years for him to make his move to Jackson’s Hole. He talked 15 other families into making the trek with him. Most made it to St. Anthony and Egin Bench in Idaho. Si and brothers James and Orson Ferrin,Joe Heninger and Ralph Tuttle forged on to Jackson with their families. When they arrived they were greeted with bad news: The Buffalo Bench area had been withdrawn from homesteading. Si’s brothers returned to Idaho, and the Heningers and the Si Ferrins decided to stay here. Si and his wife, Emiline, had five boys: Curtis, Leonard, Ray, Glen and Bob. When the last baby was born Emiline died, leaving Si alone with the children.

Edith McInelly had been caring for Emma and the children when Emma died. Two years later Si married Edith. Eventually Si made his dream come true and staked claim to the acreage on Buffalo Bench when the land opened to filing. The family moved there in 1908. Si and Edith had nine children: Merritt, Emily, Harvey, Edith, Ada, Howard, June,Luella and Harold “Tobe.”

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