Andy Chambers Homestead (Landscapes of Loss)

#1: Ranch View     In 1912, the Andy Chambers homestead was the last land claim filed on Mormon Row. Chambers was granted title to his land in 1917 after building a log cabin and stable. He cultivated 20 acres of land and had laid out the logs for a 2-story, four-room home. Because this […]

Bar BC Ranch (Landscapes of Loss)

#1: Guest Cabins     In 1911, Maxwell Struthers Burt and Dr. Horace Carncross formed a partnership while working together at the JY Ranch. They had decided to branch out and start their own dude ranch and over the course of the fall of 1911 they began going out on excursions in their free time […]

Luther Taylor Homestead (Landscapes of Loss)

#1: Taylor Cabin Originally established in 1916 by John Erwin, the Luther Taylor homestead has a long history that is often overlooked – overshadowed by its use as a movie set for film Shane in 1953.Luther Taylor purchased the property in 1923 and built this homestead cabin. While not much of the building remains today, […]

Lucas Fabian Ranch (Landscapes of Loss)

#1: Geraldine’s Cabin     Built in 1913, the same year that Geraldine Lucas filed for her 160-acre homestead parcel, this was Lucas’s primary residence. Geraldine was a fascinating individual who chose to spend her retirement living alone on her ranch in Jackson Hole. She followed two brothers and a sister to the valley after […]

Hunter Hereford Ranch (Landscapes of Loss)

#1: Barn/Out buildings     The Hunter Hereford Ranch is named for William and Eileen Hunter who purchased the property in 1944. They ran what became known as a “hobby ranch.” These were ranches owned by individuals who had established a successful career and were now looking to invest in their retirement. The Hunters did […]

4 Lazy F (Landscapes of Loss)

#1: Fence The 4 Lazy F, like so many other dude ranches in Jackson Hole, can trace its roots back to the Bar BC. Families and individuals who visited the Bar BC often returned annually. Some would set their sights beyond the ranch in the Snake River bottoms and purchase parcels of property to begin […]

Elk Ranch (Landscapes of Loss)

#1 Corrals   The original corrals at the Elk Ranch were constructed in the 1920s, and were continually modified to meet changing needs until the 1970s. There were once two set of these corrals, as well as the L shape barn/sheds to which they were attached. Today, only this set remains. These particular corrals were […]

“Snapshots in Time” The Kelly Flood

A program about the Kelly Flood with local historian Bill Chaney was presented on Thursday, April 18, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at the history museum, 225 N. Cache. Bill discussed what happened on that day in 1927 when the lake created by the Gros Ventre Slide overflowed, eroding the natural dam and causing the Kelly […]

T.A. Moulton Barn Centennial

“A Nickel for the Barn” Public Art Show: A Fundraiser to Benefit the T.A. Moulton Barn Centennial Preservation Fund was held July 3 – 20, 2013 at the Jackson Hole Historical Society & Museum, 225 N. Cache St. Jackson, Wyoming. As Clark Moulton used to say, “If I had a nickel for every picture that was […]