Home on the Range

Saturday, June 11th from 10 am – 3 pm, Join us at the Mercill Archaelogy Center to learn what life was like for a Jackson Hole Homesteader!

Be sure to watch on April 17th

Join us on Main Street Wyoming April 17 at 6:30 as we explore two impactful architectural projects – one that was built and one that was not – in the Tetons. Gilbert Stanley Underwood and Mies van der Rohe brought bold ideas of modernism and International Style architecture to Wyoming and changed the way people considered the relationship between architecture and the environment.

Linn Ranch Archaeology Camp: May 2 – 8, 2016

Have you ever wanted to work on a real archaeological excavation? Now’s your chance!
Staff archaeologists Rebecca Sgouros and Matt Stirn have been excavating a 10,000 year old prehistoric campsite on Linn Canyon Ranch since 2014. The ranch, which is a family owned business, serves as a base for horseback riding and backcountry adventures in the Teton Valley and Range.

Biomolecules & Folklore

Tuesday, March 22, 6-8pm, “Biomolecules and Folklore: Understanding Traditional Plant Use in the Tetons through Archaeology and Ethnography,” Teton County Library, 125 Virginian Lane, Jackson.

Ranchers v. Bison-Huggers

Dr. Farrells talk begins at 7:00 on Thursday, February 18 in the museum’s main gallery on 225 N. Cache and will be followed by a book signing. As part of the museum’s Voices of the Valley series, the program is free and available to all!

Rodeo at Elbo Ranch

The first homesteaders moved into the Jackson Hole valley in the 1880s. Many of these settlers quickly realized that the valley was poorly suited to raising crops and livestock. At the same time, wealthy Easterners wanted to enjoy the western experience. As a result, many ranchers turned to hosting “dudes” rather than raising cattle.

Maud Noble Cabin (Landscapes of Loss)

#1: Front Door     This cabin was built in 1916, originally on the east side of Cottonwood Creek by Harry Clissold for Maud Noble. Maud had first come to Jackson Hole in 1915, staying at the Bar BC as a dude for the summer. She came from a wealthy family in Philadelphia and was […]

Moulton Barn (Landscapes of Loss)

#1: T.A. Moulton Barn     Thomas Alma Moulton first homesteaded this property in 1908 as a bachelor. He came over Teton Pass with his brother and a neighbor from Teton Basin, Idaho. The Moultons had moved to Idaho from Utah several decades before. For the first few winters Alma continued to return to the […]