STS Dude Ranch – Murie Ranch

STS Ranch 1922-1940 In 1914 Frances Mears came to Jackson Hole, yet another member of a wealthy Philadelphian family looking for a western adventure. Frances would certainly find hers at the Bar BC, where she stayed for four summers. Over those summers she met and fell in love with Buster Estes, a ranch employee working […]

Moose, Wyoming

Moose, Wyoming is centrally located in Jackson Hole, and was first homesteaded in 1892 when William “Bill” Menor filed for 160 acres on the banks of the Snake River. Until 1911, Bill Menor would have the only holding on the west bank of the Snake River. Because of this, the area was generally known as […]

Menor’s Ferry

Born in Ohio in 1857 in Ohio, William “Bill” Menor lived in several states before settling in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 1894. He arrived in the valley and under the encouragement of Jack Shive and John Cherry, decided to open up a ferry service crossing the Snake River. Bill chose his parcel carefully, studying the […]

Maud Noble Cabin

Maud arrived in Jackson Hole in 1915 from a wealthy family in Philadelphia. She came out to stay with Mrs. George Woodward at the Bar BC Ranch. It is estimated that she was between 45 and 50 years old. She meant to stay only for the summer but decided to make the valley her permanent […]


LUCAS ERA: 1913-1938 Geraldine Lucas was born November 5, 1866 in Iowa. In 1885, she married Michael O’Shea and became pregnant with a son. After two years of an unhappy marriage, Geraldine left O’Shea and legally reclaimed her maiden name for both herself and her son, Russel. As a single mother she attended Oberlin College […]

The Elbo Ranch

The Elbo Ranch was located near the current Climber’s Ranch to the Cottonwood Creek pullout. Lining both sides of the road, this ranch had modest beginnings. The origin of the name and spelling of “Elbo” is unknown, it appears as both “El-Bo” and “Elbo.” James H. “Jimmy” Manges filed a claim for 160 acres under […]

Bar BC Dude Ranch

Maxwell Struthers Burt, writer, novelist and poet who grew up on the East Coast journeyed to Jackson Hole in 1908 to help his colleague Louis Joy start up the JY Dude Ranch, the first dude ranch to open in Jackson Hole. Struthers Burt graduated from Princeton University in Philadelphia in 1904, and maintained his contacts […]

4 Lazy F Ranch

The 4 Lazy F Ranch is located on the western bank of the Snake River, just north of Moose and about a mile south of the Upper Bar BC Ranch. The ranch began as the Sun Star Ranch, under the care of Bryant Mears who arrived in the valley as a dude at the Bar […]