Jackson Hole Archaeology Program

The Mercill Archaeology Program is the archaeological research division of the Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum. We are currently involved in a variety of research projects and educational programming related to archaeology in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and abroad.

The Program offers classes and activities focused on Native American and homesteader archaeology and culture. Our staff archaeologists are Rebecca Sgouros and Matt Stirn. Either can be reached by email or by calling the museum at 307-733-2414.

The Mercill Archaeology Program was dedicated to and named in memory of Mark James Mercill in August 2014. Mark James Mercill was a fourth generation Jackson Hole native, a free spirit — adventurous and filled with love for this valley. Mark was also a true historian; he had a passion for discovering artifacts and rocks — old bits of history left behind from another time. A sharer of stories, he remembered and shared many stories about the pioneers, the homesteaders, and the characters who formed the legacy of Jackson Hole. Mark spent much of his life being a mentor for children. His patient kindness in imparting his knowledge helped many a young person find their talents and direction in life. Mark never forgot a friend, never knew a stranger — he was known and loved by many.

If you are interested in setting up an archaeologically themed program, class, or excursion, please email or call the museum at 307-733-2414.