White Grass Heritage Project

As many of you know, the White Grass Heritage Project was started in 2011 to collect oral histories, historical photos, documents and artifacts from the White Grass Dude Ranch era and beyond.  To date, it has exceeded all expectations and now stands with over 70 hours of recorded oral history, over 2,700 historical photos, several documents including originals signed by Frank and Inge Galey, and artifacts including dining rooms chairs and lamps, barn items, illustrations and more.  The collection continues to grow, e.g. this past summer, we hosted the Hammond Family Reunion at White Grass meeting decedents of Harold Hammond who have contributed important historical photos, documents and recorded stories from White Grass’s beginning years.

Attached is a note from the Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum, detailing the help needed to appropriately archive the White Grass Collection in the Museum in Jackson, Wyoming.  Please contact Brenda Roberts, acting Executive Director, with any questions (307-733-2414).  Your assistance is requested.