Old Bill’s Fun Run

logoOldBillsThanks to generous support through Old Bill’s Fun Run, the Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum has made more impact on our community than ever before!

Help us inspire the next generation of Historians!

Old Bill’s Fun Run is a collaborative fundraiser, where each donation is partially matched by a generous Challenge Grant managed by the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole. With this additional impact, keep us in mind during the giving period from August 1 – September 15, 2017.

Please visit Community Foundation of Jackson Hole to make a contribution or find our booth at the race on September 9th!












History of Old Bill’s Fun Run

The first event of its kind in the nation, the idea for Old Bill’s Fun Run for Charities came from an anonymous couple affectionately known as Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill. Their vision was to expand the charitable pie in Jackson Hole by encouraging the entire community to participate in philanthropy. Old Bill’s Fun Run has been an annual community event since 1997.

In the months leading up to the event, local donors make gifts of all sizes to their favorite causes. Old Bill’s makes giving easy as donors need only fill out one form and write one check to give to as many local organizations as they like.

In September, over 3,600 people come together for one of the biggest celebrations of community spirit and support in the country. The day is filled with a Fun Run and Walk, entertainment, food and informational booths. The magic of a community celebration, combined with ease of giving has increased awareness about the work of local organizations and has enabled them to raise over $100 million in over the last 15+ years.