Shelley, Kelly and Friends

Slim Lawrence Barbecue

The Slim Lawrence Barbecue was held every August to honor W.C. “Slim” Lawrence who founded the museum in 1958. The museum houses his lifetime collection containing upwards of 12,000 artifacts including Native American pottery, weapons, stone tools, dress and accoutrements; fur trade era tools and firearms; early settler era objects of antiquity; over 1,500 books of historical import to the valley and region; and several hundred archival photographs.

Slim Lawrence Barbecue 2012 at the Bar BC Ranch

Supporters of the museum decided to have an event to honor Slim, and to thank members and friends of the museum. The inaugural Slim Lawrence Barbecue was held at the Byron Jenkins Ranch in 1997. Every August until 2015, the barbecue was been hosted at historic ranches or sites:

Caterer covered wagon

1998 Melody Ranch
1999 Fish Creek Ranch
2000 Hatchet Ranch
2001 Hofley’s Fall Creek home with the barn from the White Grass Ranch
2002 Delta Q Ranch
2003 Snake River Ranch
2004 Crescent H Ranch
2005 4B Ranch
2006 4 Lazy F Ranch in Grand Teton National Park
2007 Hansen Ranch
2008 Miller House on the National Elk Refuge
2009 Walton Ranch
2010 Stephen N. Leek Homestead and Bruce Porter Cattle Ranch
2011 Hardeman Barns
2012 Lower Bar BC / Hillwood Communities

Silent Auction

The event has become more and more popular over time, with attendance as high as 450. Attendees enjoy a catered barbecue, live music, and history program in a lovely summer setting. More recently, a dance floor and silent auction have been added.

Our final Slim Lawrence Barbecue was held in August of 2012.

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