Archaeology Classes

Archaeology Education

JHAI staff archaeologists currently collaborate with a variety of public and private schools in Teton County to offer in-class and field-based education programs. Please see below or contact us for more information, prices, and scheduling. Call 307-733-2414 and ask for Rebecca Sgouros or Matt Stirn.

JHHS Archaeology Programs Packet – [PDF]
Archaeology Programs Price Guide – [PDF]

Discover the Last of the Old West! – 2016 Summer Youth Programming

Join us at Mercill Archaeology Center for Hands-on History Learning!

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Class enjoying crafts next to mock archaeological dig site at the Mercill Archaeology Center

Class enjoying crafts next to mock archaeological dig site at the Mercill Archaeology Center

Mercill Archaeology Center:

The core of our programming is based out of the Mercill Archaeological Center on Mercill Avenue in downtown Jackson, Wyoming where we offer classes and activities focused on Native American and homesteader archaeology and culture. The M.A.C. features three rooms; the ‘Archaeology Room’, the ‘Trading Post’, and the ‘Living Off The Land Room’. Our archaeology room features a large mock archaeological dig, a microscope lab, stratigraphy wall, and animal bone lab. The trading post is packed full of fur-trapper, Oregon Trail, and homesteader artifacts. The Living Off the Land Room features a 12 foot Shoshone style tipi, petroglyph wall, mining exhibit, and an animal/plant resources exhibit. Together, the three rooms and multiple activity stations at the M.A.C. provide a comprehensive view of archaeological practice and the history of Jackson Hole. 

The Mercill Archaeology Center is currently open on a program basis only. Classes can be scheduled at any time but are limited to 15 students. Please see the links at the bottom of the page for sample activities and prices.



School Visits / Classroom Programming:

Students display a mural showcasing the Crow creation story.

Students display a mural showcasing the Crow creation story.

In addition to in-house programming at the M.A.C., many of our courses can be brought into your classroom or facility. Archaeology is a multidisciplinary field that can be integrated into almost any curriculum. If you are interested in having us visit your class, please feel free to contact us regarding any of our set programs, or to build a custom course.




Field-based Learning / Archaeological Excursions:

Students screen for prehistoric artifacts at the Linn Site Excavation

Students screen for prehistoric artifacts at the Linn Site Excavation

We are convinced that getting your hands dirty and experiencing the thrill of discovery firsthand is the best way to learn. During the summer season we are excited to offer a variety of field-based programs where students and volunteers can have the opportunity to work on a real archaeological excavation, or, take educational tours or archaeological sites near Jackson Hole. We are constantly working on a variety of research projects in the Greater Yellowstone area so please contact us regarding field-based learning possibilities. Depending on our most current project and the time of year, group sizes may be limited (generally 15 max.).


Current field opportunities: 
  • Excavations at the Linn Site, Victor, Idaho
  • Petroglyph Tours, near Dubois, Wyoming
  • Bighorn Sheep Trap Tours, near Dubois, Wyoming



Mark James Mercill

The Mercill Archaeology Center was dedicated to and named in memory of Mark James Mercill in August 2014.

Mark James Mercill was a fourth generation Jackson Hole native, a free spirit — adventurous and filled with love for this valley. Mark was also a true historian; he had a passion for discovering artifacts and rocks — old bits of history left behind from another time. A sharer of stories, he remembered and shared many stories about the pioneers, the homesteaders, and the characters who formed the legacy of Jackson Hole.

Mark spent much of his life being a mentor for children. His patient kindness in imparting his knowledge helped many a young person find their talents and direction in life. He never forgot a friend, never knew a stranger — Mark was known and loved by many.

If you are interested in setting up an archaeologically themed program, class, or excursion, please feel free to contact M.A.C. directors Rebecca Sgouros or Matt Stirn or call the office at 307-733-2414. Please see the links below for a sample of our programs, sample itinerary, and program price guide.