Educational Trunks for Loan

Educational Trunks are available for loan to teachers and local organizations. Each trunk contains a variety of educational materials (books, props, vhs/cassette etc) on a specific theme. Trunks are free to borrow but can only be checked out for 2 weeks at a time.

Pioneer Trunk

Trouble for Lucy by Carla Stevens
Women’s Voices from the Oregon Trail by Susan G. Butruille
The Oregon Trail: Ruts, Rogues& Reminiscencesby Ellen Carney
Ventures to Oregon by Gordon Hull
Wagon Wheel Kitchens: Food on the Oregon Trail by Jacqueline Williams
The Oregon Trail: Yesterday and Today by William E. Hill
The Prairie Schooner’s by Glen Rounds
Treasures in the Trunk  by Mary Bywater Cross
Wagon Train: Family Goes West in 1865by Courtni C. Wright
Our Oregon Trail: A Report to the Governorby Oregon Trail Advisory Council
The Oregon Trail by Leonard Evertt Fisher
A Frontier Fort on the Oregon Trail by Scott Steedman and Mark Bergin
I walked to Zion:True Stories of Young Pioneers on the Mormon Trail by Susan Arrington Madsen
Daily Life in a Covered Wagon by Paul Erickson
3 Binders: Full of information and activities for teachers based on WY Standards for Fourth Grade History 1-Wool Shirt
Colored map of Oregon Trail 1-Pair Wool Socks
Container: 3 rag dolls, marbles in red pouch, Jacob’s Ladder, Ball in a Cup, 4 dice, examples of crocheting, tatting and handmade lace 1-Apron (brown & cream colored butterfly & flower pattern)
Container: Jerky cure, corn husks, scrap leather, blue tin coffee pot, wooden spoon, musical recorder instrument, harmonica 1-Baby Christening gown
6-Wood Dowels 1Green dress with matching bonnet
1- Branding Iron-JHWY 1-Red Bonnet with blue & white flower pattern
3-horseshoes 1-White Bonnet
3-Bunches of Bailing Twine 1-Shirt-Small Children’s white button down
1-Ax 1-Shirt-Girl’s white button down shirt
1-Lariat Rope 1-Girl’s White Prairie Pantaloons with lace
1-Straw Hat 2-Sleeping Cap-Cream colored Women or Girl’s
1-Cow Hide with Oregon Trail Map on one side 1-Jumper-Child’s Brown with blue flower pattern
1- Mule Deer Tail 1-Petticoat-Women’s white with lace trim
1-Beaver (Head) Pelt 1-Silk Shirt-Women’s white button down with lace collar
Quilt it Kit 1-Blue Prairie Skirt-Girl’s blue w/ white flower pattern
Quilted Pillow 1-Baby Bonnet-white
2-Wood Hoops with Ribbons 1-Women’s Shirt-white cotton button down
1-Purple Leather bag with red clay balls inside
1-Bar of homemade soap
1-Pair of black cowboy boots
1-pair of children’s leather boots
10-Men’s Handkerchief’s
1-Silk Pale Blue Scarf

Native American Beadwork Trunk

The Ledgerbook of Thomas Blue Eagleby Gay Matthaei and Jewel Grutman
The Technique of North American Indian Beadwork by Monte Smith
Bead it!; a complete Jewelry Kit by Lara Rice Bergen
Baked Beads and Beyond: making magic with oven baked clay  by Lara Rice Bergen
The Shoshone by Dennis B. Fradin
Beads: Creating Extraordinary Beads from Ordinary Materials by Tina Casey
Step by Step Beading by Suzanne McNeil
The Book of Beads: A Practical and Inspirational Guide to Beads and Jewlery Making by Janet Coles and Robert Budwig
From the Heart; Folk Art Series
Tent Talk: History of the Shoshone People
Other Contents
19 zipper pockets with different bead activities
*Note: Please purchase your own materials and replensih any used from this case*

Quilting Crafts Trunk

The Seasons Sewn by Ann Whitford Paul
Carpentry for Children by Ann Whitford Paul
Quilts & Women of the Mormon Migration by Mary Bywater Cross
Making Wood Banks by Harvey E. Helm
The Legacy of Furniture by Marilyn Conover Barker
Step by Step Wooden Toys:over Twenty Easy to Make Toys by Roger Harwood
Fast Patch Kids Quilts: Dozens of Designs to Make for and With Kids by Anita Hallock Heath
Hand Tools for Wood Workers: Principles & Techniques by Robert Wearing
Play Equipment for Kids by Mike Lawrence
Woodworking With Your Kids by Richard Starr
A Kids Guide to Crafts by Tim Bramlett
Quitting Now & Then by Karen Bates Willing & Julie Bates Dock
Cotton Now & Then: Fabric Making from Ball to Bolt Karen Bates Willing & Julie Bates Dock
VHS Recording
From the HeartL Folkart & Explore :Folk Art VHS Tape
Cassette Recording
Our Mormon Heritage Panel Discusstion from Tent Talk-Western Folk Arts Series
  My Quilt World Kit
Container: craft materials
11 Pouches: project materials
1-Lamination of Quilting Squares
5-Building Blue Print Laminations for Building a Doll House

Leatherworking and Blacksmithing Crafts Trunk

Catching the Fire; PhilipSimmons, Blacksmith by Mary E. Lyons
New Edge of the Anvil: A Resource Book for the Blacksmith by Jack Andrews
The Stohlman Encyclopedia of Saddlemaking by Al & Ann Stohlman
The Art of Hand Sewing Leather by Al Stohlman
Cowboys by Stewart Ross
Leathercraft Tools: How to Use Them:How to Sharpen Them by Al Stohlman
Cowgirls by Ubet Tomb
Saddlemaking in Wyoming UW Art Museum
Early Iron Work by Elmer Smith
The Village Blacksmith by Ronald Weber
Leather Work Manual by Al Stohlman, A.D. Patten, J.A. Wilson
Cowboys by Kristin Helberg
Adventures in Leather Instruction manual
Myth – Reality of the American Cowboy by Ken Welshimer
Tandy Leather Company Presents: The Art of Leather Carving by Joey Smith and The art off Figure Carving by Al Strohlman
Hammermann in Williamsburg: The Story of an Eighteenth Century Blacksmith
From the Heart: Folk Art
Misc. materials, scraps, and tools
Craft Tools
*Note: Please purchase your own materials and replensih any used from this case*

To check out an educational trunk, please contact the museum: 307-733-2414.