Rebecca Sgouros, JH Archaeology Initiative
BA Archaeology, Boston University, Massachusetts
Msc Environmental Archaeology, University of Sheffield, England


Rebecca traces her interest in archaeology and ancient history to early travels to Greece during her childhood. She has conducted excavations on three continents and has done specialist analyses on material from around the world. As an avid cook in her spare time, she is especially drawn to the study of past diets and food ways. She incorporates her love of food into her archaeological studies by specializing in zooarchaeology, the study of animal bones to understand past diet and subsistence strategies.

As Director of Community Archaeology, Rebecca is the contact for all of the JHAI’s educational and outreach programming.  Her goal is to conduct new archaeological research and to promote community involvement in archaeology to share the rich cultural and environmental history of the area with Jackson Hole’s community and visitors. She is also interested in exploring how archaeology and place-based teaching can develop cultural and environmental stewardship and a strong ‘sense of place’. Along with her colleague Matt Stirn, Rebecca is co-director of three research projects: the Teton Archaeological Project, Ice Patch Archaeology in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, and the Linn Site Excavations. In addition to her work at the museum, Rebecca continues studies across the US, Belize, and Greece, conducting faunal analysis, archaeological illustration, field cooking, and writing for Misadventures Magazine – a women’s adventure magazine (



Matthew Stirn, JH Archaeology Initiative
BA Classics, Davidson College, North Carolina
Msc Environmental Archaeology, University of Sheffield, England


Matt’s CV

Matt grew up in Jackson on the historic R Lazy S Ranch and has followed his avocation as an archaeologist since the age of 13 when he volunteered at the Game Creek Site south of town. Matt specializes in the study of prehistoric life at high-altitudes and has conducted archaeological research in the mountains of Wyoming for the past 8 years. In addition to his work in the USA, he has participated in research projects in 7 countries including deep-sea explorations of the Black Sea, archaeobotanical studies at Vagnari, Italy, and the Aguacate Community Archaeological Project in Southern Belize.

As Director of Archaeological Research, Matt is the contact for past and ongoing archaeological research at the JHHSM. Along with his colleague Rebecca Sgouros, Matt currently co-directs three archaeological projects: the Teton Archaeological Project, Ice Patch Archaeology in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, and the Linn Site Excavations. His goals are to explore innovative methods to answer questions regarding past economies, environments, and lifestyles in the Jackson Hole and Greater Yellowstone Region. Matt also works on developing community programs so that residents and visitors alike can better understand the past and, especially, the interactions of humans with the natural environment.


alexei-creeAlexei Cree, Research Intern

Before moving to Jackson in late October, Alexei Cree worked with the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and the Mystic Aquarium developing cultural and educational exchanges between Native American youth of Point Lay, Alaska and the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe of Connecticut.  He also created an interactive, web based timeline of the Pequot War Era used for educational and public outreach, and worked on archaeological sites throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

With a Bachelors degree in History from St. Francis College in Brooklyn, Alexei is planning to eventually continue his studies to earn a Masters in History and Museum Studies.  In the meantime, though, he is very excited to be interning with staff from the Jackson Hole Historical Society and Museum; mountain like now includes cataloguing artifacts from the Slim Lawrence collection and digitizing ephemera for the archives – as well as skiing!  This summer, Alexei also plans to participate in archaeological field research with Matt Stirn and Rebecca Sgouros.